Defense Verses Offense


It seems as though the communist and socialist have always got us on the defense.  They attack from so many directions it’s hard to tell how to react sometimes. You make a plan, as you make plans and your plans begin to come to fruition, something happens. Another attack comes .What do you do? How do you react?  Just when you make that decision another attack comes from another direction. And on and on and on it goes.  A never ending circle – like circling the wagons, and waiting for the enemy to pick you off one by one. But in our case its picking off our freedoms one by one. And that is why I’m writing my next article. Again one more time I will state that I will never write an article complaining about the state of things without writing an answer that will overcome the problem.

Well here we go; I no longer want to be on the defense. I will no longer wait for the next problem to come so I can react to it.  I now have made a conscious decision to be on the offense. I will be the attacker. I will make the enemy run, and I will make the enemy react to my attack. I’ve learned my enemy’s ways so well that I know his next move before he does it. So, that gives me an advantage. It’s like knowing the enemy’s most vulnerable time; it’s like attacking when somebody is taking a crap.  I got them with their pants down. What are they going to do? Where are they going to run? The first instinct is to pull up your pants and run. But wait! They forgot something important – they forgot to wipe their butts! Now we can smell them a mile away. Now we have another advantage. We know their next move, but before they can react we attack again. Now they begin to panic.  Now we have them on the run, because we were on the attack. We are on the offense.

Well enough of that. Let’s just call it the parable of the crapper. This friend is the answer to many of our problems, being on the offense!   We have got to become the offensive players.  Yes, defense is fine, but we have to become offensive also. In no way do I recommend yelling fire inside a movie theater, that’s crazy. But the idea that one person can control the whole movie theater and create panic does something in my intellect.   It makes me think what am I capable of doing?  What is my neighbor capable of doing?  What’s my fellow patriot capable of doing? One person yelling one word can create a stampede.

Whenever I try to come up with an answer for a problem I think about logistics.   I think about what I can get away with, what’s legal, what’s not legal, what’s constitutional what isn’t constitutional.  How far can I push that line? I also think when it comes to logistics, how many people it will take to carry out a plan. I believe that the smaller numbers of people that you can use to create your battle, the better off you are. It’s hard to recruit 500 people or 400 people but it’s not very hard to recruit 10 or even 5 to carry out your plan.  So how does someone recruit the 5 or 10?

That’s very simple; I first turn to my sphere of influence – that is the people that are around me that I come in contact with regularly.  These might be friends or family, or fellow patriots at tea party meetings. Next I would go to my local patriotic newspaper. Here in Florida it’s called the American Patriot News. I could inquire about putting an ad in there to recruit people that are die hard patriots otherwise known as The  3 Percenters. Qualifications are simple 1) will draw a line for individual freedom and will not allow that line to be crossed.  2)  willing to participate in events that are more than just holding cardboard signs but are willing to engage in civil disobedience against any person or governments be it federal, state or local that cross the boundary of constitutional liberty.   The end of the help wanted ad should end in something like “The faint-hearted and rainy day patriots need not apply.

Civil Disobedience in the Great American Slowdown

I’d like to start this article by saying at the beginning of establishing this blog I mentioned that I would never leave you without an answer to the problem. This is one of those answers that you will have to decide whether you want to employ or not. First let me say that we will consistently be staying within the law /Constitution – pushing the limit but not going beyond that limit.  Believe me, what I am about to suggest will attract a lot of attention from the media.  It could backfire, or it could promote what you’re trying to get across to the public.

One thing I know for sure – it will draw a lot of attention. Let’s start with some numbers. The idea here is to employ the smallest amount of people as you can and get the largest benefit from those people. You will need from between five to ten people. We will start with signs for your vehicles. Not every vehicle needs to have signs on it.  But the ones that do have signs need to have signs that are large and clearly visible, preferring trucks over cars because you can build an A Frame sign in the bed of the truck.  The following is the entire recipe for the Great American Slowdown aka Rolling Slowdown.

Now, whether it is the immigration issue, or a gun issue, or just a liberty issue the signs have to have a clear and direct message that is easy to read.  The bigger the better. What we’re looking for is between 8 and 10 people with their cars.  For the lack of a better description we’ll call it a rolling blockade. The idea behind this rolling blockade is to slow traffic down on the main arteries into whatever large city that you may choose. Pick your city of choice. I live in Florida so I would pick a city like Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, Tampa or Jacksonville. These vehicles would show up unannounced during rush hour traffic and begin to rotate their vehicles in the lead positions so as not to be able to put the blame on any one person.

Again we are staying within the law. So going at the minimum speed and taking up all the lanes we will begin to draw attention to our cause. Again, I repeat this could backfire.  But we won’t know until we try. We may have other people begin to join us as we put the word out. The lines will hopefully get bigger. I believe now that it is better to have a little bit of civil disobedience than a civil war to get our point across. The lawlessness that goes on in this country now by many parts of our government is horrendous!  The acts of tyranny against the people are also horrendous!  So, it is time now for us to make a stand.

If you are a law enforcement officer and you have enforced the laws but not the Constitution you are wrong.  I repeat, if you are a law enforcement officer and you have enforced the law but not the Constitution there is a major problem. Maybe it was peer pressure, maybe it was to go along to get along, or maybe you didn’t take the time to really read and study it – to breathe in the life and truth in this one of a kind, God inspired, freedom inspired and liberty inspired document – our United States Constitution. The Bible says you will be accountable for what you know. Now that you know begin to stand up to prove that you are a man or woman of character and a real patriot, and a God fearing person. You took an oath to uphold the Constitution!  it was the first thing you did when you became employed as a police officer.  In the simplest of ways you can have a clear conscience and know that I and millions of others will stand with you. If you choose not uphold the oath you took and choose to violate our Constitutional rights, then we will remember.  The founding fathers sacrificed much more than we have. Their lives, their fortunes, their families, their time.

You should know by now that sooner or later these techniques will have to be used.  Let’s get started. Let’s do something now. Let’s not contemplate – but let’s act.  How will history record who you were?  Will it say that Tom was scared and hid in the woods, will it say that fear ruled his life? Will it say that he cares only about himself?  Will it say that he did not protect the liberty that was handed down with blood from the prior generations? What will it say about you? Are you comfortable and cozy where you are now in your home knowing that the country is falling apart? What kind of weak signals have you put out for your children and grandchildren? If you feel the system has failed and you’re running out of time and options, then start planning for the next obvious move with CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.


Here is a link to a great site that promotes freedom. The “III Percenters” are a vastly expanding group spreading across America.


Defining the Problems of the “Cold Dead Handers”

What I’m about to share with you is a first hand experience and is very telling of the unwillingness of Americans to fight.   I will begin by using the phrase, “They can have my gun when they take it out of my cold dead hand.” That phrase was made famous by Charlton Heston in a speech at the National Rifle Association. In short I would like to share a story that happened to me personally on the Florida Turnpike. I had written in dry erase markers, in large letters a simple message. It was a common-sense message that ended up infuriating one of the first people that walked by and read it. All it said was, “My tax money should go to Americans citizens only.” I pulled in to the Turnpike Plaza and was sitting in my truck while my wife went inside. The first couple that walked by were reading what I had written on my truck. Suddenly the woman began to spew some of the most volatile vulgarity I have heard from a woman in years. She obviously was upset and indignant, acting like a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum in the parking lot.  At this point I rolled my window down the rest of the way and simply said that was real lady like of you.

Now let’s jump forward to the following week at a second amendment meeting in West Palm Beach.  I began standing up and sharing what had happened to me on the Florida Turnpike, Then I asked the audience of about 30 people if they would be willing to write something on their cars or trucks. Nobody was willing to stand up. So naturally I asked why? It turns out it was fear that made these cold dead handers crawl and hide in their holes. They were scared and fearful saying, I don’t want my tires slashed, my car keyed, or windows broken. These are the same people that said you can have my gun when you take it out of my cold dead hand.  AND THERE, MY FRIEND LIES THE PROBLEM – FEAR! !!!

Well as I promised I will not leave you with out a answer.  First you must look hard and long to find one person that’s like-minded. People are more likely to stand when they realize they’re not alone.  If you’re able to add one more person you can begin to control the narrative / conversation . The fear will begin to recede and boldness will grow. The more that stand, the more encouraged the people will become.  It  just takes one, then two, then three, and a snowball effect begins to happen. Don’t let fear control you!  Identify it, fight it, then proceed to take over.  So, I say now, come and let us reason together.  Let the man behind the curtain be exposed and his weaknesses be revealed.  There are very few of them, between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.  There’s less then six hundred of them and millions of us  WE THE PEOPLE!!!.



Family Tree Ministry

Dear family, friends and patriots:

I don’t write many letters, but because of the expansion of laws and executive orders enacted by Federal and state governments, I would have to label this letter as urgent!

Consider for a moment, those before us that did commit to freedom and liberty, and what it cost them.  Please do your own research.  Just type in, “founding fathers cost of freedom” for a web search. Almost ALL died horrible deaths, and in poverty. So, the following list is the cost of freedom;

  1. Everything

The newspaper I am sending you started with the help of Bob Root and is now affecting the lives of thousands.  It started in Taylor County Florida in a little town called Shady Grove and is now in 23 Florida counties and six states.   Bob has made it easy for you to help in saving this country.   So what can you do?

  1. He will enable you to print this paper for just the price of your ink and paper. As you can see the quality of this paper, you will be spreading freedom in your area!
  2. You can get a printer that just came off lease for between $150 to $200 dollars if you don’t have one.
  3. Bob Root releases a free electronic copy to you every two weeks on a Friday.  You can distribute it by Monday.
  4. You can add your own local news updates that will expose tyranny and promote freedom.
  5. You can reclaim the costs of the paper by establishing and selling your own advertisement to any local business, such as gun shops, pawn shops, sporting goods, restaurants, hardware stores, or anyone willing to support you and this paper.

The calculated cost for ink and paper is about 6¢ per copy.  Please consider joining Operation Paul Revere.   For any questions call the editor Bob Root at (850)-672-4221; or me at 954-410–2483.

Please share this letter and a copy of the paper with anybody you know that may also be interested, and see this information repeated on my blog at, or Nancy’s blog at  This letter has been sent to a select few that I thought have a passion for liberty. This is your opportunity and maybe one of the only opportunities you may have to act. If not you (insert name) _______________________, then who?!.  I hope that your passion will work out in action.

Let’s all help get our Republic back!

In His service,

Bob Moral

Force Multiplier

This particular Blog is to teach patriots to become a force multiplier, exactly what the title says. When I talk about a force multiplier, I’m talking about people that already have the attention, and airwaves of America. I will start with what I believe to the most patriotic, conservative people: Alex Jones, Butch Paugh, Glen Beck, Mark Levin, and Mike Church.  It’s time to get dirty.  It’s time to fight as if our lives depend on it – because they do.

Time is not on our side.  Every year the government school factories put out another 12th grade class that has been indoctrinated – while more and more of us die off, or just become to discouraged to fight any more.  So I say,  yea!!!!  It’s time to fight back with all power, strength, and collective wisdom we got. So, to beat these rabid, mindless, no good freedom haters into submission, let the anger come forth.  Let the hatred, and contempt for the enemies of liberty drive us to victory, and, set a raging fire in our hearts, and the hearts of every freedom loving man, woman, and child!  We will challenge them at every turn, in the stores we shop in, in the places we get our gas, in the restaurants we eat in, on the very roads we drive. We will multiply and build ourselves into an army of unstoppable Patriots.  It can be done, it will be done – by you, and by me, one person, one heart, and one mind at a time.

Now, for the multiplier strategies.  Though there are many, we will start with one. In your local area you have a few friends that are of like mind. We will start with them first. Everybody will have the same message. Our main tool will be dry erase magnetic signs. The message will be the same on each sign, and will change weekly or bi-weekly.  The patriots in your group will purchase four signs  –  two for themselves, and two for the new person they enlist. New enlistees will be asked to purchase their signs also, and to go and enlist another patriot.  REMEMBER YOU ARE SOLDIERS FOR FREEDOM, SO SACRIFICES ARE REQUIRED/ MONEY/ TIME/ ANONYMITY.  Because the signs are short and to the point and factual, they will invoke thought / encouragement / and in many cases anger / and opposition.  But, that’s our purpose. True patriots will not succumb to the fear of reprisals. They will take each attack as confirmation that the round they fired down range has hit its target. While we are doing this, we will also approach our local tea party.  Then, not stopping there, we will contact people with an even bigger audience like, Glen Beck, Alex Jones, Butch Paugh, Wall Builders, and many more. Please contact me at


Well, this is our first blog.  I will start by sharing some facts that will help you carry out your mission. These facts were gathered by observation from powerful men in history. What I will share is the common denominator between them. Because I care about your success, and the success of our mission, which is to save the country, what I am about to share will give you an unbreakable foundation. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams,  extremely bright and honorable men,  all shared this one common factor, without exception. [Please take this time now to write what you think it may be] . Like it or not, they all believed in God. All through our history there were men that realized that the heavy burdens of this life were not meant to be shouldered alone.  These were extremely intelligent men, the likes of which most of the population today would not even understand the simplest of correspondence between them. These men were not gods, but they trusted in an almighty God, an omnipresent God, a listening God.

Though great and powerful, He still cared about the affairs of men. How  fortunate and blessed to have the greatest of all counsel available. How humble they were to know and admit they needed Him. And, so will you when all hell breaks loose, when the battle is raging, when other people around you began to falter, when all seems lost, and the wailing and suffering seems too much, and confusion rains down on you, and you stumble slightly, only to grab on to God  and to tell Him that will do whatever He wants you to do. Then all the “good” answers to your problems disappear, only to be replaced with the greatest answers given by God. Though the answers lie with Him, the work lies with us. Be ready, Be prepared, and know your Commander and Chief.   ——  I WILL NOT BE AFRAID OF TEN THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE SET THEMSELVES AGAINST ME ROUND ABOUT, FOR THOU O LORD ARE A SHIELD  FOR ME, THE GLORY AND THE LIFTER OF MY HEAD.   Psalm 3:3,6       THANK YOU      PATRIOT BOB



It’s very simple. We are about sharing the truth with the general public. We are about waking them up to the knowledge of what’s going on in our very country we live in. We promise not to leave you frustrated after exposing you to the truth. We will lead you like a one man army in strategies that will be very effective if you have the heart to do them. Before you go any further ask yourself, if not you, then who? Yes, there is risk. Yes, there is sacrifice. Yes, there may be danger. The faint-hearted should leave this page now and return to their normalcy bias. IF YOU ARE STILL HERE,  YOU ARE A PART OF THE STRONG. YOU APART PART OF THE ELITE. THOSE THAT ARE WILLING TO SACRIFICE TO DO BATTLE AGAINST EVIL. I, and millions of others thank you.